October 16, 2010
Last night I had a dream…
I dreamt I was falling
Down a dark, never ending pit
Memories flashed before my eyes
Replaying in my head
All the happy times we shared
All the good memories
And also the bad ones…
We’ve been through to much
But we had always come through
Until that night…
The night I watched you walk away
And I did nothing…
I watched you disappear
As I died inside
My eyes burned as I
Relived that night
And I died again…
With a thud and several cracks
A hit the ground
I just lie there
For the longest time
My body broken
My soul torn
I my eyes open
I scream for help
I continue my shrieks
No one comes…
And as I scream…
I realize it is your name
That I’m crying out…
But I know that you’ll never come
I know you’ll never help me…
I watched you walk away…
And now you’ll never come back…
I lie here in darkness
My eyes begin to cloud
As the freezing cold comes over me
I close my eyes,
Say your name one last time…
Picturing your perfect face
As I lie there dying…
And I take in my last breath

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