October 16, 2010
I am so conflicted
As I stand here
Watching you walk
Away forever…
As I lose the one
Person I cherished
Over everything…
The person I still
Cherish even
Over myself
I stand here feeling
My body, mind, and soul
Tear apart into two halves
One half reaching out…
Crawling on the ground…
Waterfalls of tears
Falling down his cheeks…
Screaming her name…
Crying for her to come back…
The other half
The smarter half…
Holding him back
Gagging his mouth
Bounding his limbs together
So he wont run after her
He knows that this is
for the best…
Now they won’t hurt
Each other anymore
She can’t break his
Heart anymore
He can finally recover…
And now he can’t
Bring her down anymore
Making her feel guilty…
No more will they bring
Pain upon each other
Even he starts to
Doubt himself…
As her turns away
Dragging the other
Behind him
Still crying and
Screaming her name
Through the gag
Fighting with all
His might to break
Free and catch her
To bring her back…
But she is already gone…
And they fade into

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