October 16, 2010
I don’t blame you…
"That’s a lie"
I’ve never blamed you
"More lies"
Why can’t you believe me?
"Because she can see
It in your eyes
She can see your lies"
Please believe me…
"She can’t…
She knows you too well"
Don’t turn away from me
Please don’t leave me…
"She won’t stay if
You keep lying to her"
Please don’t go…
"Just tell her the Truth"
I don’t blame you anymore
"The whole Truth"
I used to blame you
For breaking my heart…
But now I understand why,
I blamed you for
Not coming back to me,
But now I understand that
You were afraid
"Now you’re getting there"
I even used to blame
You for this pain
But now the pain
Is my fault…
It’s because of my inability
To give up on you…
I don’t blame you for anything…
"Lying again…"
I don’t blame you for anything
Except for…
For not understanding…
For not understanding that
I am still in pain,
Not understanding how
Much pain I still bear,
For not understanding
That I need time,
I blame you for not
Understanding that I
Can’t be happy for you
"The Truth comes out…"
I blame you for not
Understanding me

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