October 16, 2010
I Love You
But you never loved me…
Even throughout the
Pain I went through
The pain I’m still going through
The pain you caused…
I still Love You
With all my heart
And soul
But it’s not your fault
That you don’t share the
Same feelings
I know you care about me
I know that you love me…
Just not in the way…
I want you to…
These feelings for you
Are ones I will carry
For the rest of my life
Because when you Love someone,
You Love them forever
The word “loved” doesn’t exist
I will always dream of you
My skin will constantly long
For your touch
My heart will crave for
Your Love ceaselessly
I will always need you
And I wish you needed me
As much as I need you
And I hope that you will
Come back to me someday
I pray that one day…
You will share my feelings
That you will Love me too…
But until that day comes
If that day comes…
I will be your friend
I will be there for you
Helping you through every
Obstacle life throws
Loving you…
Till the end of time…

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