American soldier

October 18, 2010
By Muziksoul29 PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
Muziksoul29 PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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Dont ever look to th epast, cause you see things you already know. Look to the future to see things come at you like a fast ball.

A million fathers being shipped to war
Men and women fighting for their lives
Every tear being cried by their families
Real pain and sadness spreading through the country
Imagining going home to his family
Carrying a friend on their back
A wounded boy asks for his mother
Not a thing to do except wait for the end

Sitting by a friend with hardly any food
Only the knowledge of their family being safe
Losing himself in the darkness surrounding
Dying men lay around him
In the grass he lays his weapon
Every thought is for their home
Riding in a plane back to his family

That’s what a true American Soldier is to me.

The author's comments:
I had to write a poem for my english class so i figured why not post it on here too. I have an uncle that was just shipped out and I wrote this because his wife and new step daughter(my aunt and cousin) won't see him until may, if then. So this is for my Uncle Will. <3

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