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I Am From

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I Am From Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine, The Grass Is Too Trampled & Dehydrated To Grow, & Police Sirens Break The Serenity Of The Warm Summer Night
From Seeing My Own People Have Their Futures Corrupted By The System & Reduced To Selling Drugs & Dodging Cops In Order To Make A Dollar
I Am From Where Being Outside When The Streetlights Are Off Can Be The Last Day You See Your Family
Gunshots Do Not Resonate, They Have Become The Regular Beat Of The Drum
I Am From The Fear That Cripples Me
From Various Loves Never Pursued, Not Because Of The Lack Of A Reciprocated Connection, But Because Of My Fear Of My Emotions For Her
From The Fear That I Will Not Make My Life Have Any Global Significance
From The Fear Of Being Like the Next Person
The Fear That All Of The Opportunities Missed Because Of My Hindering Self-Doubt Will Chase Me To My Grave Because I Could Have Been Better Than What I Died As
I Am From The People That Know Me
From Those Open-Minded People, Mainly My Sister, Carcelia, Who Used To Be Just Like Me: Smart But Slacking; People Like Her Comprehend My Standpoint On Simple Things In Life & Why I Can Not Do Something As Simple As Put Completed Homework In A Folder So I Will Have It To Turn In Because I Am Too “Einsteinish” To Comprehend 1+1=2
To My Big Brother, Tay, Who Inspired Me To Dance; It Taught Me Life Lessons Like In Order To Truly Be Unique, You Must First Crush The Preliminary Box That You Are Placed In
From My Little Sister Kori, Who I Hate Because I Can Not Hate Her; She Could Watch Me Fall Down A Flight Of Steps & Not Offer To Help Me Up & I Still Could Not Be Mad At Her
I Am From The Hate
The Rage In My Soul When Someone Tells Me That I Can Not
From The Imbeciles That Try To Shoot Down My Flight Because They Can Not Go Places
I Am From The Lows
If I Had Cut My Wrist As Many Times As I Had Thought About It, I Would Not Have A Left Hand
I Am The Boy With No Grandparents Or Father, Essentially An Orphan Because The Crowd That Cares About Me Is Growing Increasingly Sparse
I Have Cried Until My Eyes Were Cardinal Red
I Have Cried Until I Ran Out Of Tears To Cry
I Am From Heartbreak, Who Has Become My Best Friend & The Only Consistent Thing I Can Depend On Appearing; Through Death Of Revered Family Or Failure In School Or In Life, I Can Depend On it More Than Little Kids Can Depend On Santa Claus
He Has Poked Himself Into My Daily Routine; Every Day, I Glare In The Mirror, Repulsed At The Broken Man Before Me Who Has Nothing Left To Live For, But Keeps Living, Hoping For A Miracle To Boost His Droopy Spirits
I Am From Me
From My Will To Succeed
I Am My Own Worst Nightmare, The Only One Who Can Truly Stop Me From Reaching My Dreams
I Am From The Pencil
From The Cone Of Lead That Takes My Nightmarish Thoughts & Turns Them Into A Brilliant Illustration Of How I Feel On The Inside
But, Most Of All, I Am From You, The Listener
I Am From It is Not Good To Stockpile Feelings But Better To Vent
So, Whether You Listen Or Not, You Help Me Cope With My Sanity & Living Free When Creativity Is Suppressed
You Are Who I Write For
I Am From This Poem
This Is Who I Am
Take It Or Leave It

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