harvest moon

October 18, 2010
By beteljuice01 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
beteljuice01 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Pit Pat Pit Pat
Little feet run through searing pain
Tears of hatred and self loathing fall
As bones splinter but she could not stop
She runs from the blood red moon
The silent town has long gone behind her
They were at peace
Something long lost to her

Pit pat pit pat
Trees ripped her hair and any skin they could tangle
Why she believed that wenches lies
Her and her twin sows had shattered her peace
She knew her wretched stepmother killed her father, then, made her a slave
If she hadn’t been so desperate for she wouldn't have believed
Stepmother would have never let her leave with someone who loved her

Pit pat pit pat
Tightly bound lungs were desperate for air
She would not let the lightheadedness stop her run
She had to outrun that crimson moon
They dress, once lovely, was now a prison
(The others were lovely too)
Her naiveté made her believe the murderesses’ affection
She learned the spell each held too late

Pit pat pit pat
Tightly bound lungs were desperate for air
She could not let the lightheadedness stop her run
She had to out run the crimson moon
The dress that once was lovely was now a prison the others had been lovely too
Her naivety made her believe the murderess’ affection
She learned the spell they held to late

Pit pat pit pat
Her pulse rocked her body as she ran
Her heart ached but not from hard beating
When the cow had said she would be sent to live with her godmother
She had been overjoyed
Light had returned to her life
The woman had held her and washed her and made her feel safe
She never thought it was all a lie
She believed the murderess was heaven sent
That the gowns were stitched with love
That those birds were doves
That the balls were really to welcome the harvest

Pit pat pit pat
Pain ion ankles now crippled knees
The moon loomed closer
She could not slow as broken toes bleed
If she lived she would never dance again
But maybe that was for the best
Three nights she had till dizzy
She had been as happy as before mother’s death
First night she was given a dress of white lace and silver thread
She was treated like a princess
And feed candied lemons and oranges

Pit pat pit pat
She tried to push herself faster as she heard the crows shriek
When the hellish ceremony began
The veil had broken and the dove had returned to ravens
The night before she was oblivious
She danced herself drunk
And wore a dress of black silk and pearl embellishment
She was feed crystallized violets and roses
Everything was wonderful
Even this night had been grand
But once again happiness was ripped from her

Pit pat pit pat
She stumbled on tree roots that jutted from nowhere
From jarred hip bones down
Her body felt like it was breaking
Rib bones had fractured trying to get air through a tight laced corset
Tonight ‘s dress of red satin and spun gold thread was the most magnificent
And the most constricting
When she had been bathed and put into it
She had been thankful for the gift
The corset was too tight when stationary
But it made her figure lovely
The weight of the dress was massive
But that was from the gold
The ballerina heels made it near impossible to balance
But they made her tall enough to stand out
Now she new it was all to make her easy prey
God save her soul from the demon that murderess served
She had been betrayed for silver and sent to the slaughter
Like a lamb she knew not her fate
She was un be knowingly the harvest sacrifice
She drank spiced mead
As the clock chimed twelve she was told her fate

Pit pat pit pat
Her left leg caught a hole
The crack of a calf bone sounded her fall
As she stumbled to stand a wrist broke ob impact
It was too late it had been too late when she first ran from the castle
When the murderer’s friends laughed and jeered in her face at her fear
When she had cried and begged for shelter from the townspeople
No one would let her in
Tears know stung a scraped face
She was her “godmother’s” chance for immortality
None of them chased when she ran
They knew her fate was sealed by the sanguine colored moon

A twig broke in front of her down turned face
Terror chilled her blood
Finally she looked up through swollen eyes
Red riding boots stood before her
It was dressed the companion her
Slowly she meet his face
A cruel sneer cracked its corpse pale skin
Black eyes with scarlet pupils boar into her soul
“So, you are my bride.” he growled
The moon caught up

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