Shattered Glass

October 18, 2010
By barker21 SILVER, Provo, Utah
barker21 SILVER, Provo, Utah
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“I want to say to young women here today, do not ever have any inferiority complex about your place in this world in which you live. You are a daughter of God, and I am satisfied that our Father in Heaven loves His daughters as much as He loves His sons. You hold up your heads and stand tall and walk in righteousness and faith and virtue and truth, and do not let anybody put you down or sell you short. You are daughters of God. Live worthy of your divine inheritance, my beloved young women. You are not inferior in any sense. Under the gospel plan you are daughters of God. Each of us has our place in the great divine plan, and we ought to magnify the calling and the field and the assignment and the qualities of good which we have within us”
-Gordon B. Hinckley"

how do i love me?
to find one way would be a blessing,
for what i am left with now is nothing but a curse.
this mirror in its perfected frame stands before me,
arrogantly scoffing at the irony of it all: its beauty surpasses mine by far.

what a thought…

that even the shell of this silent, soulless object is more radiant than me,
and between its walls i see a girl:
she is only a crude reminder of what i already know.
the people, all those people who strive to claim my love,
they all tell me that i shine—

a beacon light to all i meet.

i say thank you with illusory gratitude,
but in my head i laugh with a bitter ring;
shattered glass would do me a better justice.
i know they lie—that is what real friends do, after all.

a rose is beautiful, just not me.

the wench in that window looks back at me;
she is tattered and broken, homely and worn.

no wonder in her petals,

no beauty in that deadened bud.

cannot see past those ugly thorns.

how could i love me?
that hideous figure in the mirror,
how cruel her smile is—
how heartless her ivy eyes pierce my soul.

she’ll never let me find one way.

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on Dec. 18 2010 at 2:05 am
ISpeakForMyself BRONZE, Garland, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Love is giving the power to brake your heart.
but trusting them no to.</3

-dont knowwww,? /:

i lovee thisss. i think you should write more like thiss! : ) and keep upp the good work !!


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