The end

October 18, 2010
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The end
The story all began with one question.
She became his girlfriend at first,
Soon turned best friends fallen in love.
We were thinking we would never be apart,
With your name tattooed across my heart.

Who would have thought it would have it would end up like this?
5 months and 3 weeks of pure joy,
With the final week turned rotten.
One week of countless mistakes,
Ripped apart a fairytale turned reality.

The broken hearted boy with nothing left,
But tears falling into the palm of his hand.
The lost girl in love,
But confused on where to go.

The many others out there for her,
Won’t be long before shes swept away
And hes just an old flame,
Turned to ash.

The boy who could play the best,
Turned into a brokenhearted lost lover.
He could have his choosing of many with his smooth talk,
Yet his heart refuses to even forget her name.
She may not realize but she was as much of a part of him as anything else.

I need you are the words he shouts in pain,
Yet her ears are closed refusing to listen.
She thinks its for the best,
But its just killing him slowly more and more.
He craves her touch and her love.

She is the addiction,
That he cant get over.
How can I move on,
When Im still in love with you?

One day if you wake up,
And find that you re missing me,
Wondering where on this earth I can be,
All you have to do is return because I ll be there
With tears in one hand and the pieces of my heart in the other

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