What is Love

October 18, 2010

Love is not a victory match.
it's not proud or vain or jealous.
It doesn’t seek retribution or cry trespass.
it doesn’t involve laziness and it’s not selfish.
so then what is it?
We could all go through our unique lives alone
but fall similar in one class: pain.
The pain of denial, rejection, effort
--the pain of the fight.
The pain of ignorance and ideology.
The pain of sacrifice and responsibility.
The pain of obligation and friendship.
The pain of integrity.
Love doesn’t only mean just pulling through
or combating past the rough start or the harsh middle.
It should mean more than withstanding the challenge,
changing the course, and surviving the drought.
It should mean fidelity, honesty, and understanding.
But it doesn’t.
Love is when sacrifice becomes not only surrender but a willing one.
Love is when selfishness doesn’t cease but never prevails.
Love is when ignorance becomes understanding
and understanding doesn’t mean knowledge but compassion.
Love isn’t hard or at least, it shouldn’t be.
How could giving up everything for the person you desire be hard?
Shouldn’t they always matter more than life itself?
If not, then they should at least matter more than your routine, am I
You can sing her as many melodies that could break twice as many hearts.
You can buy him a yacht and cultivate a meadow
You can name a star after them or send them to Greece
You can give them the world on a silver platter but what would they do
with it?
She don’t want the world, she wants your world.
He don’t want a yacht, he want you to prove to him you won’t sink.
They don’t want a song, they want to be the music in you.
Are you getting it yet?
Love is not worship or adoration or devotion.
Show me your will to
Dance for me your patience
Paint me your sacrifice
Serenade me your fidelity
Photograph your compassion
and maybe I’ll consider attending your performance.

The author's comments:
Love isn't as simple as everyone thinks it is. It's not as simple as the definition in the dictionary. I just thought I'd spill out what I think love is.

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