The Fault of Lovers in August

October 18, 2010
By LeahRosie BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
LeahRosie BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Sing me a song of the flowers that grow

Of the humid breeze as it blows
And the stream smoothly flows
The footsteps slow
On this summer night

Hold me close in the moment’s heat
Your mouth sweet
My heart beats

Above us the stars
The moment is ours
Forget where we are

Just tell me your secrets of forests deep
Of mountains steep
Distant cities asleep
And I will close my eyes

Pretend with me that this is forever
An endless endeavor
A mistake we can somehow make clever

For moments pass
Warmth does not last
The world moves too fast
Too soon looking back

And now it is cold out and it is just me

Life suddenly free
I am lost at sea

Salt water spout
Logic crushing doubt
Emptiness throughout
Echoing shouts
Yet it is silent

Oh together to be
All of me pleas
I know you agree
It is the reality we tried not to foresee

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