Mr. Online, I love you!

October 18, 2010
By Anonymous

dear mr. online,
I know we haven't met. I only knew you for two weeks, but the love i feel is real. please come tell me that you love me too. you're such a rush, oh i wish we could meet! maybe, someday when you're famous on TV i'll meet you in real life and say "hey its me!" baby, i know you live far away. far,but not too far, just four hours (by plane) away. i know if we met we'd be the perfect match. you're just like me, or so your profile says. please lemme see a picture or two. i bet my heart will sing just looking at you. so anyway, this poem goes out to you. i love you, mr. online, i know you love me too!

The author's comments:
i know its terrible please comment!

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