Perfect Spot

October 17, 2010
By LoveLykWoe BRONZE, Somervile, Kentucky
LoveLykWoe BRONZE, Somervile, Kentucky
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In my world, everyone eats rainbows, and poops out butterflies. <3

I walk out the door, smelling the fresh, clean country air. I start to walk through the feild of hard, pointy grass, to go to my soothing place. Then finally i am here. I start to climb upon the rocks, getting closer to the top with every step. The rocks sting my hands like an angry bee, as i pull myself up. When i reach the top, i stare looking around, seeing the beautiful pictures of the woods. The trees and animals, so wonderful, they paint a permanate picture in my head. The dust from the cornfeild to my left, dries my mouth. The animals surrounding me, make loud noises like thunder. The houses are tiny game pieces from afar. All i see when i look behind me are animals having a feast with the grass, and trees standing high in the clouds. I look to the bottom to find the tiny stream, with prettty so blue, clear water. The water is relaxing, easy to fall asleep to. The sound of the water is soothing to me, calms me down on bad days. The rocks, and the animals, and the stream, and the cornfeild, and the game peices all make my perfect spot. When i am here, i am worry free.

The author's comments:
This is from the old house i lived in, everyday after school i would go here, to think, and to write. When i moved, i was heartbroken, so i wrote this as a school project, when my language arts teacher wanted us to write about somewhere meaningful to us.

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