October 17, 2010
By Anonymous

like a firefly you appeared in the vast unknown dark
your bright light shown
as a comforting spark
i watched in amazement
how you danced so carefree
as you fluttered and flittered
and taught me to dream
so i danced along side you
enchanted by your light
and as my soul and my body began to take flight
i forgot about the darkness
my troubles and tears
because far below us
were the dots of our problems and fears
as we flew away
vanishing the dark
joining the stars with our conquering sparks
we flew under and over crisscrossing our light
together sowing our dreams
that glimmering hung etched
forever into the night
that spread like fire in a pile of leaves
leaves that whisper faintly on a midsummer's night breeze
and i can still hear that whisper on certain dark nights
when the breeze wrestles the trees
and i remember our flight

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