A Place To Be Free

October 17, 2010
By Anonymous

A fake smile and a wave, just trying to keep up my face, so tired of the pain and the agony of it all, I cry out for help but no one calls back, I just want a place to be free.
Tears fall endlessly on the walls of my heart but smiles are all that they see, I’m tired of trying to fit into this place I just want a place to be free.
Surrounded by people but no one talks to me, I’m only a breathing being, I’m not worth their time, much less their thoughts, I just want a place to be free.
Free from the chains that hold me down, free from the fake me, free from the hurts and pains, free from life’s pressures, I just want a place to be free!

The author's comments:
I wrote this a few years ago, sometimes life likes to hurt us and we just want to escape, that is what this is about.

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