October 15, 2010
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her eyes stare blank, her tears they all sank

into the burning earth of her lovers abode, she clings to him such that she has even learned to loathe, the things he's done the world he's lost, all for his want , thier fathers love.

the flames they lick, the screams they fill
her ears they carry on, her eyes they look apon the creatures, that her lover preys apon

her wings they flap but nowhere she flies so long as
loves chain holds her, a burden shes more than happy to bear for her lover, sweet and fare

her lovers wings clipped, cast down below, to dwell and brood in the scene,
all his own, carved of lust and greed

he pleas but finds no forgiveness, he screams like a broken reed,
his eyes turn black his skin taunt red, his wrath matched only by the seven seas

and she waits, waits till time is at an end, waits till the fires cool and the screams die, she knows it will never come to pass but her eyes always fix to to the sky.

her hands folded she prays to him.....hoping that her times of waiting will finnaly come to an end.

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