The way i feel about u....

October 15, 2010
By lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
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if u love him with all of your might will he still be the one to catch u??

do what your heart tells you to do,but always be thinking with your mind"

you will always have HATERZ though out life because they are the ones jelouse bc thy're not you!

Being able to consider you mine is like im liveing a dream.

Being able for me to be yours should be too.

Our first kiss was read out of a book straight out into reality... the moon behind us; The stars up above set the mood. The Innocence between the two of us was unreal.

The first time you told me you loved me that was when I realized Me and you were ment to be.
The way you made me feel when you said those three simple words was out of this world.I can't even describe it to you in words for the words of any lanuage will never be enough to complete to you how i feel now! Being able to run into your arms when i have a bad day or when I just need to cry gives me the strength to believe that someone is there to protect me all harm. and baby

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