Sun Rain

October 15, 2010
Orbs of clear liquid free-falling from the gray, overcast sky
Raindrops retaining the essence of tears.
They are falling,
Hurtling towards the earth,
Covering everything in poignant, silvery tears from heaven.
Golden light bursts forth from a molten orb of sunshine
The sun
bringing his golden chariot, his bow and arrows of light
pushes aside gray essences of melancholy
sending arrows of hope and light towards every corner.
Delicate green leaves,
Once burdened down by despairing tears from the sky
Become adorned in beaded gowns of diamonds
As sunlight dances along sorrowful raindrops
Transforming them into beautiful gems for Mother Nature.
The rain continues to fall;
The sun continues to shine.
But mournful tears have now become tears of joy,
Heavy-hearted leaves now sparkle in elegance
Rain and sun, water and fire
Combine to bring a magical sight of wonder.
In a few short moments, the rain stops.
The sun dims in brilliance,
The wind breathes a sigh.
But though sun and rain have ceased their dance,
An enchanting rainbow memory remains.

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