Dessert or Disaster

October 15, 2010
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Looking back at ones life and all the events that have happened throughout a period of time one can only wonder if there could have ever been something else.

When i take a look at mine i constantly wonder if there could have been something better. Something, more fulfilling. Of course there is always that possibility, but is there any satisfaction in pondering a thought you may never find an answer to?

There comes a point in time where most of us choose not to look back. My time came long ago. Most of the memories erased. Others pushed to the back remaining locked in a transparent box. Escaping merely to remind me about the lessons of life.

The people i lost, the times i cherish. Heartaches and laughter. They're all there, locked in that box. Sneaking out on occasion, but only to remind me that everything's okay now. No more will i have to think of the past or the people who were a part of it.

Now all i see in front of me is a future full of opportunities and a life waiting to be completed. A broad horizon to explore.

The only question left to answer is one that lies within your own heart. Live the same life, or Conquer the world.

So what'll it be. Dessert or Disaster?

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