This is what I see . . . .

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

See ,
I may have scars & bruises on my face
But I believe NOBODY can take me outta my place
I may cry whenever something goes wrong
But that cant prevent you from thinking I'm strong
I cry for a reason
For me , everyday iis like a season
Im sad one minute and happy the next
When I'm happy , I am like a butterfly
NOTHING & NO ONE can make me cry
Im just a girl who likes to write poetry
letting people know that all I do is try
When I am mad , I am like a fire that is impossible to put out
All I do is sit alone and pout
but I will open up poetry
Because all I ever do is believe in me
Lifes hard live it
I , Ogechi Okwologu
Came and did it
You should to
Just live your dreams and follow what you do
Cause I do , believe in you

- (:

The author's comments:
mmm , I dont know why but I realized that I seem to cry because what would be said to me , but than I realized that theyre not the reason I cry - Im the reason . I let them get to me & with that , I realized I have so much talent so why care of what people think when you can do good & only care about no one but yourself :]

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