October 14, 2010
I guess this is it,
It's time to let go,
I've gotta say my last goodbyes,
I hope you know,
This is painful,
I've got to say my last I love yous,
Give my last few hugs,
You never cared,
It's time to give up,
I'm letting go,
Hearing the bullet shots,
Hating we let go,
I didn't want to live without you,
I guess thats why I did this,
Leaving nothing but a trace of DNA on this gun,
My life was pointless without you,
Guess thats why I shot,
For you love I fought,
You never gave it back,
So I chose to die,
Die before this pain caused me to cry,
So I hope you know,
I died,
Because we let go

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