No title for life's Motivations

October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

I've blocked out not that much, and lost someone that knew me. I can't understand the chaos that plays outside my head. I'm quiet to redraw the plot I've created, and try to resolve. Why are we so happy? Happiness is the first meaning to cover up what desperately covers my insides. Every conversation opens up a new innocence to taint the will of off bound curiosity. Play the fact of that I am BOLD! Bold enough to confuse myself anymore. I've lost her. No misconception on how I've would have admitted to my fault. Her eyes throw daggers at the stained glass that has replaced my mirrors. I'm no longer sane, but when have I?

The author's comments:
What this article means to me is hurt because this was my pain on paper. The article relates to the fight I had with my best friend. I had mixed feelings with her, and I didn't know how to go about dealing with them. My reaction to my ignorance was to lash out at her at the obvious thing, ignoring. I blamed it on her shutting me out, only I was the one not knowing how to address my feelings. This poem has a lot of read in between the lines. I hope this poem can help other readers know that they are not alone on dealing with confusion.

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