her love

October 14, 2010
she wails as he walks away, he turns and says "its your fault." she screams at his back. he just keeps walking. her eyes start to water start to blister, as hot tears run down her beautiful face. a face that has seen much hurt. a face that if you looked into those brown eyes you'd see the pain in which she has seen and indured. the tears run to her lips, salty and unsweet painful and stinging. her face redand blistering. Eyes bloodshot from crying until theres nothing left. all for one boy, one boy who in time will see what he has done but will never have a chance again. so he goes to the highest peak of the town and looks back saying "i love you." she looks in the news the next day and crys out to his lost soul "you now i loved you to!" the next day in the paper her name was listed as recently deceased. her last words written on a piece of paper so the world will not make her mistake... so the world will not make their mistake. her words were clearly spelled, the note said "this is for the world so they do not make my mistake. do not let your loved one go. do not let them leave you. do not let them make the choice... the choice that you are not good enough for them. that they deserve better but then realize they are meant for each other. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE!" that not note couldn't have been more wrong.

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