Dear Life

October 14, 2010
By juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
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Dear life
I'm not sure what your going to throw at me
I'm sure its not always what I want it to be
I'm sure It will come unexpectedly
But I'm not the type to intercede
Give me your worst , Ill be fine
Cuz' I been through so much,I've learned only time
Can heal a broken heart and a crazy mind
So c'mon life what are you waiting for?
I'm ready for what ever you got in store
All the hurt and all the pain
I know I'm going to feel it someday
So Dear life , Throw whatever is in sight
I promise you, Ill be alright

The author's comments:
After my mom passed away and I was able to smile again I knew i could get through anything that life was going to throw at me. I wrote this poem to help those who feel like giving up and making wrong decisions because they have been hurt or been put through a lot . This is a poem is to show them that they are not alone!

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