Don’t Say

October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Don’t Say forever
We only know today

Don’t say always
Nothing is constant

Don’t say you’ll be there
You can’t know for sure

Don’t say never
There is always a first time

Don’t say “that’s not true”
We both know it is

Don’t say “see you”
You know you’ll only hide

Don’t say tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes

Don’t say “I can’t wait”
You really don’t care

Don’t say “miss you”
We both know you don’t

Don’t say “I love you”
I know I am nothing to you

Don’t say “It’ll be okay”
how could you possibly know that?

Don’t say anything
I’ve heard it all

People lie
I don’t trust

Say exactly what you mean
It hurts much less than lies.

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