October 14, 2010
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Like a lioness,
I stood on the high cliff.
And looked at the vast world.
I felt fire in my heart,
Scream in my soul,
Begging to go out,
But I cannot,
For the cliff is high above the world
And my only exit is destroyed
By dark untruths.
I, the lioness, will hesitate st my instinct?
Will defy my own urge?
Will I refuse the vast expanse of freedom?
Can a lioness live without?
I turned and walked ten paces.
I turned back, and ran for the
My freedom, I thought as I ran,
I worth my own death.
Freedom is one of the necessities of life.
This is no risk.
My cliff dive.
For I, the lioness
Would have died without freedom in any matter.

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