Senior Year

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

As he gets ready to hit the door to go on the field his heart is pounding from this excitement from the crowd.

As he opens the door the lit up field blinds him for a second then he sees his fans, his classmates.

Everyone is screaming: Go Wildcats.

Again he looks up, as he gets ready to stretch, he sees green and gold all over the place.

They line up for the first play, he looks though his helmet and sees the person he’s about to hit.

Then they both hear the important word “hike”

He tackles the person to the ground and hurries to guard the quarterback so he can throw the ball.

They score a point. The crowd goes wild, he hears on the speakers: Number 62 Taylor Barton has a tackle.

Near the end of last quarter of the game he’s going to make sure to make this last play count good or bad.

They line up; he meets the eyes of the person he’s going to tackle to the ground.

They hear hike, and he tackled him to the ground, then the bell rings.

Game over.

He looks at the score for the first time and sure enough all the hard work had paid off.

The team has won their last game of the year; he has won his last high school game ever.

The crowd stands up and cheers for the leaving seniors.

He has just played his last game; this is the year for him to shine.

Go Wildcats!

The author's comments:
This poem is about my best friend who i call my brother who is in his last year in football this year.

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