The Savior

October 15, 2010
The body rested,
coated in damp wintry dew
outlined by nature’s sharpest needles,
abandoned by humanity
conscious yet unresponsive to surroundings

Moisture falls upon her soft innocent cheek.
Suddenly she is woken by the rain,
attentive of the ominous darkness within night,
drenched in one’s own confine.

Frantically, her hands seek
for signs of reassurance
near her lonesomeness.
Gravitated towards the
illuminating warmth,
from yet another soul.
Her withered fingers reached out to touch this savior.
He was livelier than what she had anticipated.
Dreams became reality.

At ease, her pulse,
once swift now leisurely,
soften into a comforted:
Fear she once contained, now vaporized
into the misty haze.
Night no longer seemed horrific.

Conscious yet unresponsive to surroundings,
they laid, together.
Coated in damp wintry dew,
hand in hand.
Entangled in each other’s love,
rescued from abandonment,
comforted by their presence.

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