My Sweetest Downfall

October 14, 2010
By shadesofearth89 BRONZE, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
shadesofearth89 BRONZE, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
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inspiration fills my throat
like marbles, smooth round glassware
like cotton, like lies.
my soul is dripping from my eyes
collecting around my mouth
spinning silver thread and passing glances.

your love was my religion
your smile was my looking glass.
I only wanted to captivate you,
to capture you.
I only wanted to melt myself onto you
like a crayon left too long on the radiator.
but I am no child
and this is no game.
and adults can only color inside the lines
while children slip through sidewalk cracks
and fall upon the world.

our minds were fed on spontaneous generation
and entropy was a virtue
with nature as our priestess
I was blessed.
take my hand and drink the night sky
take my hand and taste the stars.
twist and twine
your days with mine.
you were my sweetest downfall.

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