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October 14, 2010
Melt me down to all that I am. watch me catch on fire
and burn.
Let’s start with my twisted toes, my fleshy feet
I’ll let the fire shiver up the whole of me.
Let it sear off that scar I got when I was ten,
Let it take my memories of how free it felt to

jump, fall, fly.
Travel up my legs to my knobbly knees.
Up my awkward legs, and all of me that has yet to be.
Pass my covered stomach and bruised rib.
Take the rungs of my spine one at a time,
climbing alongside a fire
Take away all of the words i’ve swallowed
and the pain I’ve gone through to stand how I stand.
Past the stitches on my chin
from when I was three.
Pass my lose lips,

my blushing cheeks,?

pass my staring and star stuck eyes.
My lopsided brain and tortured thoughts,
to my teenage excuse and abuses. 
Take all of me,
like a pile of bones

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