Why do we have to grow up.

October 14, 2010
By addiluvsuall BRONZE, Kenniwick, Washington
addiluvsuall BRONZE, Kenniwick, Washington
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Whispers in the night is all you can hear,
Giggles and laughs, sometimes tears,
Running around like little kids,
Singing and dancing, banging on lids,
Falling down, but getting back up,
Putting on mommies clothes for dressup,
POsing for the camera is lots of fun,
Swimming in our underware, out in the sun,
Forgetting to wash the food of our face,
Learning to tie a shoe lace,
Taking the training wheels of our bike,
Giggling at all the boys we like,
Doing our hair all on our own,
Talking for hours on the phone,
Going to sleepovers and staying up late,
Getting in trouble will lead to fate,
Sneaking out and doing drugs,
Pretending its coffee by putting in in mugs,
making out in the car,
dancing and flirting in the bars,
going home late at night,
hitting and punching when in fights,
Just because you can and your old enough, doing drugs, sneaking out and getting into fights....doesnt make you tuff

The author's comments:
WHy cant we be when were young. i mean it was still fun when we were younger! and like just because we get older doesnt mean we do this bad stuff for fun...

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