Match Point

October 16, 2010
By , Fairfield, CT
Six games all in the 5th set.
Sweat dripping down brows of two titans
Crowds roaring at this magnificent spectacle.
Four hours in, the war rages on.
Body blows from blistering serves,
precise poundings from violent volleys.
The gladiators still clash their swords

There is beauty to this war.
Creation is involved.
Federer, the maestro of the court, a god among men
Dancing around the baseline, caressing the ball, commanding it.
A virtuoso, he orchestrates his piece
with such an ease.
King of the match.

Nadal, the rebel.
The Spanish stallion charges towards the ball,
laser focus unequalled.
Every point is life or death.
Like a cheetah, he runs down the unreachable.
His desire and fitness,
on par with Zeus.

Federer pummels a forehand, painting the line.
Nadal slices his backhand for a crosscourt winner.
Hearts pounding, lungs heaving,
the dance is reaching its climax
Which god will end this stalemate?
Nadal serves out wide, Federer’s return strikes the net!

The war finishes.
The underdog is the champion.
Game, set, match: NADAL!
Tennis is war
Tennis is dance
Tennis is art

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