October 16, 2010
By Sparklemaze SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
Sparklemaze SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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I see a mermaid every morning at dawn
Combing her hair while sitting lazy
Waiting for the sun
To polish the earth with its radiant rays
Telling everyone its time to begin the day

She turns to me and gleams her pearly smile
Sending warmth down my spine despite the chilly breeze
Her tail is a dainty blue and compliments her turquoise eyes
That stare at me with her playful gaze
Her hair is bleach blonde from her days in the sun
Blowing in the breeze

Her cheeks are a warm shade of pink with a sprinkle of freckles
That gives her skin an enchanting glow
She speaks to me in a whisper
As if someone is listening to our conversation

A mermaid is a magical, wise, woman
With a tail from the torso to what humans call feet
They live in the sea, however most people believe that mermaids are fiction
I will always know they’re wrong
I no longer call her mermaid but Mazi her real name
We no longer play as we did when I was a child
As I grow older she stays young
But even though I appear much older
She still comes
Every morning at dawn called Mazi by me and friend by her

The author's comments:
I dedicate this poem to my mother.

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