A little Spark

October 16, 2010
By Sparklemaze SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
Sparklemaze SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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A little spark
Almost pretty
Moves about in a fury
It spreads and spreads
I cannot breathe
Surrounded by thick air
And burning walls
What shall be my resolve?
There’s no way out
God save me
This fire is a flaming hell
My only escape is to the sky
Where I will be greeted by my lord
Anything but this
Don’t let me faint
This prison of heat is like the devil’s hand trying to pull me down
O Saint and God so very holy
Take me to heaven
It’s where I am worthy
The fire is growing
I am still here
Please rescue me God
The end is near

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the burning of the Iroquois theatre. This poem is written from the view of a person stuck in the theatre during the fire.

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