The Others

October 16, 2010
Calculating eyes survey me in my sleep,

Callously watching me as I roam the graveyard.

Beating rapidly, my heart inspects those eyes.

Rasping voices ring in my ears, “You’re not good enough.

I was meant for him”.

Rushing, running, I hold him tightly

Fearing they will snatch him away.

Clawing, aching souls they are,

Moaning with loneliness.

Grasping, with their spindly hands,

They have no faces, no names.

Chanting, whispering their desires,

I try to leave them far behind.

Crying, despairing words reach my ears.

Their hearts now lay inruin.

I understand their misfortune, but

“It’s my turn now” I say.

One, two, then three rise up from their graves,

Their love’s name –the same—

Carved deeply into stone.

I carve his name into my heart,

Surely, rock hearts fall beneath a heart of gold.

Waiting… waiting, knives in hand.

The Others look at him, then me.

Waiting… waiting patiently for the end

To begin.

Holding, hugging me close,

He chose me, not the Others.

Fading, falling back into their graves,

The Others mutter bitter-sweetly,

“Lucky, lucky you”.

I fear the unknown,

Lying in my own bed.

Unknown—will this terror last forever?

Unknown—what were the Others doing?

Unknown—who are the others?

“Are they more seductive and nice,

Do they have enough sugar and spice?

Do they know him better than me?

Will this uncertainty always be?”

Shouting, screaming, I yell

“I can’t take this anymore!
Thank God I have him now—

I just hope it be forevermore”

Sighing, breathing him in,

I embrace him tenderly.

Savoring, cherishing the moment

Before he fades away,

Before the Others,

The zombies in the night,

Take him so they can live.

He shakes me awake gently,

“A nightmare, that’s all”, he soothes.

He strokes my hand, caressing my arm.

With his one free hand, he closes my eyes carefully,

And kisses my lips sweetly.

It was then I realized: there were no others here,

That there are no Others to him.

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SMWells said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 4:46 pm
You sertenly led me through your feelings. I almost became distrest. But I'm not the person to critisise somthing I don't know anything about.
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