Backstage Girl

October 16, 2010
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What everybody doesn’t know,
Is that she’s waiting to be set free,
She’s held by the binds that surround her,
She’s looking on at her dream,

Bouncing up and down again,
A hairbrush at the song,
Air guitars and drumming beats,
Cascading the air with sheets,
Of songs she’s longed to sing,
For years but held her lip,
Because reality is just too cruel,
For a little Backstage Girl like her,

Would anybody care to see,
The silent girl that is all but invisible,
Would anybody care to know,
That she aspires to be something more,

Holding on a dramatic pose,
Poisoned words at her lips,
A tiny tear travels down her cheek,
As in her bedroom a heavy rain falls,
Just like in the American movies,
A sway of a scarf that disappears,
As the scene ends once more,
And the girl returns to reality,

The geeky girl pulls the final curtain,
And the actors march on stage,
But she hides her face behind the linen,
As they take a bow and swallow the praise,

A fleeting hand scurries across the page,
As a hungry pen scribbles down the words,
That will lead the girl to fame,
She’s sitting in the closet now,
Writing down her poems again,
Wondering if ever,
She’ll be brave enough to show,
Her talent to the world,

And now the stage is quite,
The audience is all gone,
The backstage girl creeps from behind the curtain,
And takes a final bow,
The song is lost to the night,
The acting a distant memory,
But the words seem almost perfect,
To the girl who is now the center of the scene.

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