October 16, 2010
By she.inks.in.blud BRONZE, Aligarh, Other
she.inks.in.blud BRONZE, Aligarh, Other
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Favorite Quote:
INFINITE LOVE is a weapon of matchless potency...........it does not come within the coward ; an attribute of of the brave...infact their all---it is a life-giving force. <3

So strange a feeling,
What would u call?
Like I’m about to fall

My world has been shattered a million times
If I’m the victim
Who committed all these crimes?

This is what I never understand
It’s like I’m sinking
Like all this is some dense sand

Times like these experience a few
This nothingness is all that’s around
But for me it’s not new

In all the pains yet to come and all those I have lived
I vow to smile as bright as the sun
And wait for this sand to drift

The author's comments:
This is my experiences about being a surviver in life's adventures-the highs and lows.And this a promise to always keep smiling because I know that there are many who count on me.

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