Never </3

October 14, 2010
Yes, it's true
I was sprung on you
maybe it's temporary
But f*** the truth
I may like you
That's about it
Love; Oh s***
Never came to mind
But you as my Boo
You know I'll be there
Your ride or die
I wish; But f*** it

My chance with you
That'll never be
You're stuck to your girl
Doesn't get through

You say it hurts
makes you cry
But why, why
Is what I really cried
You don't seem to catch me
But it's ohkay; I Know one day
I'll be pushed away
With no doubt in mind

I don't want it to be
But the longer I wait
I know I'll loose you
The though of that
it hurts inside
But you got her
So don't be mines

I'm hurt and sad
Tired and mad
I really don't want to face
But it's REALITY
But my Base
My base is with you
We understand one another
But it's quite noticeable
We'll Never Happen

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