I Loved You.

October 14, 2010
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It is your fault, I cannot breathe.
For my lungs have no reason to.
there is no point, since you are gone.
And all I had was you.
You made me laugh.
You made me cry.
You made me smile, and want to die.
You turned me off.
And turned me on.
You've made me hate, since you are gone.
I thought we worked.
I thought you cared.
Got butterflies when you were there.
Now a bottomless pit, my heart it feels.
Not a single glance, my eyes will steal.
To look at you is certain death, for my heart, it wants you too.
The one thing that I'm craving for, the nicotine you are.
The one thing that I'm dying for, will kill me, I am sure.
He'll steal my heart, to give it back, and watch as it rots in my hands.
My skin it crawls with all the hate, I'll feel for you forever.
You'd think that I would Love you more, but not again.
Not ever.
You took my soul and sliced it up, so deep I can not feel.
And soon after writing this I hoped we weren't through, cause will you believe, after all of this?, when I say:
"I Loved You..."

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