The Artist and the Writer

October 13, 2010
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He says "ah, what a wonderful sunset!"
And for him she'd paint it at all times
She says "what an interesting sonnet"
And for her he'd write a thousand lines

She paints a picture with crashing waves
"Why are the waves of the vast river red?" He asks
"It's the blood that flows about and crashes and plays
in the heart where all my love for you basks,

and in this river love will never run dry"
"If so, then what about the sea?"
"The sea is much too vast, for me to try
to paint you, and even larger so, is the love of me"

"Why are your words arranged to describe such things?"
"Because I need to send all poetry in disarray
and confess to the world how my loves flowers are blossoming
into the brightest of all flowers in bigotries way!"

"How can you describe such things in ways most alertest?"
"Because my darling, these sacred words make emotions stain all the brighter
as do your creatures and caricatures do in the way of the artist!
Only that they are a metamorphosis of pictures into words for me, the writer!"

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