In Gum

October 13, 2010
By Stoopidkid BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Stoopidkid BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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School is the place where
I become a robot
controlled by a loudspeaker
that goes ding! every morning
and every hour after that
to tell me when
to go where and
what to do there
as I turn into a zombie
because the loudspeaker
told me it's time
to attend my first class
where an omnipotent God
tells me what to do
and what to learn
and how to act
so I solve a few problems and
answer a few questions and
whatever to pass the time and
then the bell went ding! so
I grab my stuff and
act like a bird
in a great migration
from second to third
where I have to survive
another hour with
another God telling me
what to do and
how to do it so
I do it but then
my pencil breaks
so I get up to sharpen my
sword but the sharpener
makes loud noises so the
God tells me not to interrupt
but I'm just trying to sharpen
my pencil! and
just before I argue
the bell goes ding! so
I get my stuff
and become a key
and open my locker to
get what I need
for my next
meeting with the next
God so I take a seat
and think how much I hate
sitting in my assigned seat
since its the same stupid seat
I sit in semester after semester so I'm super sick of this stupid
seat so I surmise a simple scheme
to switch stupid seats and show
the Gods once and for all
that I can make my own
on how to act
and what to do
and where to sit
and how to think
and this and that
but as soon as I stood up
to switch seats
I stepped
in gum

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