happy valentines day

October 13, 2010
By , concord, CA
love you.
theres nothing else to it.
theres no lies behind it.
love starts with trust
and thats what you did.
you put you heart
in my hands
and you trusted.
its been done before
and it got you
but baby.
judgment shows the truth.
truth about yourself.
what happend then.
with them.
wont happen here.
you saw a potential.
potential that could
turn into something more.
so you took those steps
and look where we are.
6 years later.
besties,wifeys, sisters.
so let me thank you.
thank you for loving me
for caring for me
for trusting me.
all those words.
and lines.
that we call cliche.
mean the most at these times.
the times where music makes up
for the words we cannot say.
and for me,
this felt like one of the ways.
to show you.
i love you

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