Burning angle

October 13, 2010
It took over me slicing through my body like a blade.
Here i stand in an empty room.
Windows sealed to the top rim.
Doors blocked by my chairs.
the most i could ever take is this pain.
the smell of gasoline fills my nose with its fumes.
Feeling as if i will die alone with the suffocating smell.
God staring at me directly with the cross that lyes on my wall
that i've cried so many nights to take it all.
Lighter in my hand but if feels colder than ice.
Sweat racing down my face, eyes more focused and determined
than i will ever be.
Light, fire, flame.
On my floor the fire and the gasoline make love.
Grabbing each other holding each other tight.
The flame tries to run away teasing the gasoline to chase
after her and he does just that.
Up my walls they dance their laughter roaring in my ear.
Their love explodes in separate ways as the babies play around
my room on the ceiling and other parts of the floor.
I see the wax melting under the eyes of the lord of life.
I watch as his body seems to clutch together and escape from
the hands of the playing children.
But he's cornered and they use him as a play toy.
I stared around my room as i watch the kids jump up and down
the chairs blocking the door.
The parents wave at me and i smile in return.
The kids tug at my foot and i don't try to shake them off.
Climbing up my leg in full force i can't help but to scream
in pain.
I look back to the lord of life that has been taken away in
separate ways.
His eyes still glaring, still remaining untouched as if it was
purposely done that way.
His eyes darken by the smoke and run down by the playful
As the child runs up the edge of my leg.. I know it's time.
Unleashing the powerful cloud white into the surrounding
red room.
The fire grow in anger.
The kids tried to latch on the edge of the features.
encouraged to find a new play toy.
Thrusting my wings back and forth.
The flames scream in escape from the wind.
They continue to run corning themselves in a protion of the
With forcive might i struck one last time.
Without a sound.
My wings curled back into the folding of my back.
"the world will not ruin me"
I will believe it when an angel burns.

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