Feed my Body to the Crows

October 13, 2010
By jessenielsen BRONZE, Candler, North Carolina
jessenielsen BRONZE, Candler, North Carolina
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"other men said they have seen angels, but i have seen thee, and thou art enough"- g. moore

Feed my body to the crows

Hollow head on top worn ragged clothes

I am my existence, I live to scare

Straw hat on top soiled straw hair

This garden a healthy hell

I live to become

No one to be but one

I think of thoughts, with no thoughts of thinking

It escapes me my beginning for I am as I’ve been

I long to wonder the life of free will

To do as pleases till is gone

It tickles me in the most curious way

To think the thoughts of escaping some day

No! Such things are detrimental to fancy

Close my eyes to try and escape what has not lost me

I am the commotion in motionless emotion

I cry to know my tears are not real

My head on top these worn ragged clothes

I beg you

Feed my body to the crows

The author's comments:
I am a strong believer in individualism and see my self as somewhat of a non-conformist. This philosophical piece was written in the hopes of opening the eyes of those resembling the scare crow. My only aspiration is to succeed in publication, giving way for recognition.

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