The Night

October 13, 2010
I'm sitting in the darkness,
I can't even see the color of my own hand.
I begin to get up,
but I tell myself I will get hurt if I try to rise.
In the distance there is a light.
I stay sitting down to see what it is.
It gets closer and closer to me,
It's a glowing figure in a cloche.
It takes off the hood to reveal a burnt face,
he begins to sing a sweet song that takes my breathe away.
I think to myself...
is he the phantom of the opera?
He looks in my direction,
but seems not aware of my presence.
I try to ask him who he is,
but his song drowns out my voice.
I grab on to his cloche,
he strikes my arm then reaches for it.
He raises me up to his burnt face,
and without warning he kisses me.
Darkness engulfs me once again.
I awaken in my bed,
to find a book in my hand.

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