My life; My end

October 13, 2010
By Anonymous

My life: over the years that i have lived so far my life has taken many turns, to begin, i was maybe four when my parents split. i have lived in belding mi. for most of my life. when i was little my best friend was the neighbor boy. we used to play and nothing in life was more important then just having fun. i have a new group of friends and i would not trade them in for anything. throughout life i have tried many sports. my favorite is soccer. i love my friends. they are the best thing in my life and I would never leave them for anything else. my mind can be full but will always have room for more then it can take.
My end: i don't know when i will end, i just know that while i live i must make the most of it and remember to find the silver lining in the dark clouds that will be found throughout life and its many surprises i love to love and know that strength is within us all, it just takes a rare person to put up a fight for what they want, even if they have to use all their strength. it takes them courage because with no inner strength they have to rely on their friends to make through until they gain strength back. nobody knows when they are about to end. i believe that is what makes the beauty of our problems shine through the gray.

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