Do Not Hide in the Joys of What People Think You Are

October 13, 2010
By , Belding, MI
“Life is full of twist and turns, but one day, we as individuals have to figure out how to be able to stand on our own two feet, without faltering or even stumbling, without the need of support every second of the day. We must learn to come out, to be fearless with who we truly are. Let our inner spirit shine through all the questions of our confidence. Let us not be afraid to speak our mind, to speak up for ourselves, for our happiness is our bliss. Do not hide in the joys of what people think you are. Live in the joys of what you want to be, what you really are. Create a future that fits you and only you. Let the old you falter and stumble while the new you confidently goes where the heart wants, to pure happiness. Leave the second guessing for the weak and unconfident. Follow your strides and passions of life. Let them breathe, let them be free, let them become you and only you. Do not give into what others think you should be. Go confidently with your hearts desires. Make your own dreams and goals and live by only what makes you happy, what makes you tick, smile, and be what makes you want to live another day of life.”

‘Do Not Hide In The Joys Of What People Think You Are.
Live In The Joys Of What You Want To Be, What You Really Are...’

(A girl, lonely, smart, a cutter, nearly suicidal, hopeful yet hopeless, creative, bi, not self-confident, a sister, a friend, need to lose weight, I am finally beginning to accept who I am and I can only hope that others will to.)

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