Crazy Cruising

October 8, 2010
6 or 7 years old,
living back on the east coast.

Outside is humid and sunny,
perfect for popsicles


my grandparents came to visit,
with their energized dog Anna Belle.

Later on...

Was time to take her on a walk.

I went into my garage,
leashed the dog,
buckled my helmet,
and grabbed my skateboard.

Cruising down the street,

wind blowing in my face.

My friends dad drove up behind me,

trying to pass,
in his loud diesel truck.

Anna Belle’s favorite thing,
chasing trucks.

The truck passed,
she took off and bolted after it down the street.
holding on to the leash with all my strength,

Ahhh! speed wobble taking over.

S C R E E E C h!
I slam,
and tumble into a ditch




---October 2010

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