October 8, 2010
My very first day of school, when I started
I was a little nervous . . .
because I didn’t know what it was like.

I was a little scared
to leave


mom and dad
and go to school.

One of the things
I worried about

was that
I really didn’t speak english
only a little,

I understood it but
could not speak it very well.
I was also scared to ride the bus.
When my parents told me

that I would be going to school,
I would think about it everyday

just how was it to go to school?
How did it feel?
Was it fun?
Were the teachers mean?

The first day of school
I woke up early,

ate my breakfast

went to get ready.
Then met up with my cousins.
So here we go

on are way to the bus stop
talking and thinking....

what is school?
We get to the bus stop

we see some other kids
that were going to school with us to.
Then I was thinking about
how I wished my mom could come with me,
so I said to myself....
when the bus gets here
I’m not going to cry
I’ll just get on

not look back.

-october 2010

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