The Slide

October 8, 2010
Monday Morning...
On a direct flight to the Bahamas,
if you have been to this tropical island you have hear of....

The Pyramid
its the craziest,
scariest water slide in the world and i’m going to do it

I had already chickened out the first year but my
lame excuse was I was to short to ride it
Well not this year I am going to concur this beast.

I have been training

and training

and training

for this day.
I spent 3 weeks living and breathing water
I did other water slides
I slept in my swim suit for a day!
When I arrived at the hotel I could see the slide in the distance.

I could taste my own fear in the air.
As I walked to the stairs I looked at the huge monster and had the biggest

Gulp and I climbed the stars.
I went up
and up
and up

and up
and I finally reached the top.
I slid down the slide.
and when I got down. I did it.
I conqured the biggest fear I have ever had.

------ October 2010

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